Not gold but, but only man can make a people great and strong.
Men who stands for truth and honor’s sake stand fast and suffer long.
Brave men who work while others sleep, who dare while others fly.
They build a nation’s pillars deep and life them to the sky.

Above said lines completely suits to the founder of the Camellian family: Mr. Somendra Singh Rathore ; a big dreamer committed to change the ideology of rural educational approach. vi

“They sevy the journey of miles start with the very first step” “The Camellia” was manifested at the HOT SEAT of KBC” when Mr. S. Rathore won the Prize.

Mr. Somendra Rathore is to be looked at within his cultural background this total rural citizen from remote Indian Village Shergarh Dist. Dhar coming from a humble family goes up to heights because of his sheer brilliance combined with simplicity of the highest and a rare since of uncommon humility dreaming. In fact he is a remarkable dreamer of the highest order. He represent the youth of India who is ready to change in the country.

He faced many challenges in his higher studies due to lack of education facilities in his village which is in deep remote area where quality of education was only a dream.
After all odds, he had completed his graduation with good percentage and after that he was shortlisted in B.S.F. for the post of Inspector by his hard work, dedication and zeal. He always dreamed to open a highly facilitated school of international standard of education where students of rural areas easily provided a quality education to survive successfully in future in this competitive & very fast running world.

Mr. Somendra Rathore; the founder of Camelia International school is an ex-BSF Inspector. He had always in his mind of doing something remarkable for his people, whild serving in B.S.F. as a prestigious post of Inspector he made it to the HOT SEAT of KBC where he revealed his dream to open a school in his village to provide quality based education to the children of the rural areas.
However, he won a prize of Rs. 25 lacks from the hot seat and stuck to his dream. The little amount was enough to light the lamp of his burning desire.

Just after a year pooling all the resources available around him to make his dream comes true in reality as “Camellia Kids College”

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