Director's Message

Welcome to The Camellia Kids College !

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to one of the supreme educational institutions of the Dhar District. I know being as a parent, selecting the right school for your child is the toughest job and most important decision that you had to make up for your child.
We open our doors to all the students and not only the students, their families too. We are deeply committed that all the students in our institution receives the valuable attention and the care that they deserve.
It is our mission to provide the students the extraordinary teaching too, and they fly all over the world and raise flags wherever they go on. We develop our students such as they develop and exhibit strong character, leadership and show passion for others.
We not only give them education but when the students are with us, we try to change their life with our experience !
Whether you are new to our school these years and the years to come, be part of our community for some time and we will prepare our students for the future.

Thanking you
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